Discover unparalleled audio and video enhancement with the latest HDFury Arcana firmware updates. By regularly updating your HDFury Arcana device, you can immerse yourself in richer soundscapes and more stunning visuals than ever before. Our updates ensure your device remains compatible with the latest audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and optimizes video processing for unsurpassed picture quality. Elevate your entertainment experience by exploring the full potential of your HDFury Arcana with our official firmware updates. Upgrade today and embark on an unmatched audiovisual journey.

Please DO NOT downgrade to any inferior FW version if your unit comes loaded with FW 0.87

Our firmware updates are available in two formats: a standard update file and an ISO file. The ISO file is particularly user-friendly, allowing you to easily flash it onto a USB stick using Etcher for Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac systems. For those finding the standard update process challenging, the ISO file provides a simpler solution. Should you need assistance, the guide for the ISO file is available through the link provided below.

Step-by-Step Firmware Upload Guide for HDFury Arcana

To ensure a successful firmware update of your HDFury Arcana, please follow these straightforward steps:

How to Update Your HDFury Arcana Firmware

1. USB Update: Insert a USB stick containing the firmware update file into the USB port of your Arcana device.

2. Automatic Detection: The Arcana device will automatically detect the firmware update and prompt you to confirm the update.

3. Confirmation: Choose “YES” to proceed with the update or “NO” if you wish to cancel the update at this time.

4. Update Process: Once confirmed, the update process will begin, and a progress message will be displayed. Please wait until the operation is completed.

5. Completion: After the update completes, power cycle the unit by disconnecting and then reconnecting the USB power cord. Wait for 15 seconds until the OLED display turns back on to confirm the update has been successful.

6. Troubleshooting: If no update file is found (when attempting to update from the FW/RESET sub-menu), a “no update file found” message will appear. Ensure that the update file is correctly placed on the USB stick and try again.

To ensure a smooth update process, follow these guidelines:

  • Download the HDFury Arcana firmware package in ZIP format from our product page.
  • Extract the .zip file to retrieve the arcanafw.bin file.
  • Copy the arcanafw.bin file to the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB stick.
  • It is recommended to use USB sticks with smaller capacities (e.g., 2GB to 256GB) from reliable brands like Sandisk, which have been tested and proven to work well.
  • If you are using macOS, you might encounter an error message when attempting to expand the .BIN file. This error can be safely ignored.

For further assistance, detailed firmware updates and additional information are available on the HDFury Arcana product page under the Downloads tab.

Important note: If updating the firmware “in-system” with all cables attached, it’s advised to perform an additional power cycle after the update. Disconnect and reconnect all cables, including the HDMI cable, to ensure all settings take effect properly.

If you encounter any issues with a USB stick, ensure that it is formatted as the primary partition. Advanced users can use the “diskpart” tool within Windows to resolve any USB-related issues.

Third-party and custom firmware providing additional features are not covered by our standard support; please proceed with caution if considering these options.

Enjoy the enhanced capabilities of your 4K HDFury Arcana device after completing the firmware update. We appreciate your trust in HDFury and hope you continue to enjoy our products.